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Terms of service | 注意事項


Although the Inland Sea of Japan is normally calm, nature is unpredictable.
Because we would love for everyone to have a fantastic experience, please follow the instructions which are guided by the captain.


You would possibly be cold when you are exposed to the sea-breeze. please make sure to prepare appropriately for seafaring conditions.


Eating / drinking are prohibited while sailing to prevent littering to the ocean or inside the ship.
We appreciate your Cooperation.


For your safety, you must wear the life jacket that will be provided while sailing. We have right to refuse boarding for anyone not wearing one.


Please avoid wearing cleats or high heels. They could cause damage to the ship.
Also, wearing extremely high heels may be dangerous as they can cause customers to lose balance.


We are not responsible for negligent accidents or troubles on the ship.


Occasionally, we have to delay/ cancel sailing schedule due to unpleasant weather. However, refunds will not be given because the circumstance is out of our control.

About Insurance | 保険について


we are insured by Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.

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